Test Tone Generators - New Clear Strategy

New Clear Strategy - Test Tone Generators

Here’s a new one of my lumpy old tracks. Been working on it for ages (which is strange as there’s little to it) and waited until taking stock of my new Macbook Pro before finishing the mix off. It’s chocka full of some really nice Bomb Squad loops & sounds I came across, which are a mixture of things like wasp synths and wobbly bottom end bass.

I’ve just started experimenting with Osculator Software which enables me to be able to control midi and virtual synths using a Nintendo Wiimote & Nunchuck. Next time I do TTG live, the aim is to try some of the set with just them & the mac..

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Test Tone Generators - (Can we go to) Those Haunted Mansions (Scum of the North mixx)

This a track of mine, put together last year. Still waiting for someone to name the main sample though it’s rather dank & dirty so don’t know if it’s obvious, which is nice. Please repost, most appreciated..